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Transform Your Business With A Business Coach

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, many businesses face unprecedented challenges.

Maybe yours does too. If you agree, then chances are you’re spending more and more time on employee issues, payroll tax compliance, and sales and use tax than you are on revenue-generating opportunities and planning for future growth. When presented with all of these factors, as a business owner, chances are overwhelm sits in and one of two things happen: 1) You react and lash out at the slightest stressor that comes into your world or 2) You systematically shut down and want to close out the world around you. 

If You Feel Like You're Spinning Your Wheels, We Can Help.

I am a Professional Coach and ELI Master Practitioner through iPEC Coaching. 

So what in the world does E-L-I stand for? Great question! It is Energy Leadership Index. 
ELI measures how you view the world at this point in time during normal circumstances, then when stress is introduced into your experience, how your energy changes. It gives you a tool to be able to see where you are and where you want to be in your own energy. It's the tool that shows you how YOU approach life. This tool is used for both personal and business passions and pursuits. 

There is an assessment that you will take online, I will review the results, and we will schedule a consultation to review your results. The consultaton is about an hour long and is so enlightening. You get to find out all about YOU! And what motivates or blocks you. Trust me, there is always a surprise or ten in the assessment consultation. 

What the ELI Assessment Tells You:

  • Explains the two different types of energy
  • Explains the seven levels of energy in detail and what your energetic makeup is within these levels
  • Helps you see where you are versus where you want to be
  • Helps you become more knowledgable about your reactions to life's stressors
  • Allows for you to approach your energy without judgement
  • Shows you how you view the world
  • Shows you how you engage with others
  • Allows you to lead by example, power, purpose, and passion

Business Coaching

As an Accountant, part of my job has always been a type of consultant for business owners. I have to tell them to do X,Y and Z steps in order to remain in compliance and be successful in basic business concepts. 

However, when I was introduced to coaching, I realized there is an entire universe of opportunity that was available to my clients. Its not just about profits and the next job. Sometimes blocks and barriers come from within the owner on a subconscious level. With this knowledge, I no longer tell you what to do but I allow you to connect with your Inner Genius to identify those blocks and figure out the best direction for your business to pivot. Through a series of coaching sessions, we work together to help you discover what you really want and some creative ways to get there. 

Ready to discover the REAL uniqueness of YOU? I would be honored to support you with that journey. You can start by scheduling an initial assessment with me HERE.

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